Wilson Accounting & Consulting, LLC
Training Seminars

Wilson & Associates conducts a variety of training seminars for business managers, small and
large businesses, individuals, accountants\auditors, law enforcement, and legal professionals.  
Our seminars are designed with your needs in mind and to provide you and your organization

the best educational experience possible.

Among the most popular seminars offered by Wilson & Associates are:

  • "Fraud Prevention for the Small Business"
  • "Retail Controls and Security"
  • "Fraud Basics for Private Investigators"
  • "Beyond SAS 99: What Every Auditor Needs to Know About Fraud"
  • "Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation for Law Enforcement Professionals"
  • "Individual and Business Identity Theft: Risk, Prevention, Detection, and What to Do if
    You’re a Victim"
  • "Fraud in the Workplace: The Basics of Financial and Occupational Fraud for Business
  • "Business Asset Protection and Security"
  • "Simple and Inexpensive Fraud Protection for Your Business"
  • "Affiliation Fraud: Fraud Protection for Religious and Not for Profit Organizations"

Wilson & Associates is also able to develop training seminars for specific needs that your
business or organization may have.  Please contact us.  We will be happy to discuss
developing a special training program with you.

Please contact us at
(425) 444-1770

or email us at
Anti Fraud Training Seminars